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We design and produce wide assortment of electric direct storage heating panels in diffrent size lines, with regulators.

Basic line is without built-in regulator (for external controllers), with wall set (frames, hooks, screws, plastic anchors), 2m CYSY cabel without plug

All heaters with built-in regulator has 2m cabel with Schuko plug







H  line - standard

standard line, most sold version 63 cm height, 8 cm deph and 45 - 167 cm width

Power 500, 750, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 2000, 2500, 3000W.



HN line - lower

lower design line 38cm hight. 8 cm deph and 45 -167 width.

This line is suiteble under lower built windows or shop windows.

HD line, double

Double disign line, 63 cm hight, 13 cm deph and 45-103cm width.
This line is intended for niches and narrow spaces for exaple in older buildings. The heaters have smaller radiant surface than other lines.



HL line, higher

tall line, for narrow spaces without high restriction 
123 cm hight, 8 cm deph, 45-72 cm width

HK line, very low 

very low double heater, 21 cm hight, 13 cm depth, 72 - 167 width.

This line is suiteble under lower built windows or shop windows.
This model can not be with buil-in, controllers, only external.



built-in manual analog regulator

easy operating controller with wheel and on/off 


built-in touch prorammable regulator V8

programmable regulator with many function


NEW -line
built-in wifi programable regulator Hetta®SX- White

  • Control from a smartphone, my.terneo from anywhere in the world
  • Statistics of energy consumption.
  • Graphs of consumption in money (choice of currency, multi-tariff support)
  • Detailed schedule up to 16 periods.
  • Departure - Geofencing, Preheating, Open window, thermal protection.
  • Group control.
  • The ability to connect to the Smart Home.

instruction manual - link here


built-in wireless modul

Wireless modul for external controllers
non progammable Salus 310, programable Salus 510 and WiFI 310i,
perfect for more heater in one room


wireless regulator
Salus 510

regulator for external moduls SR programmable


wirelles WiFi regulator Salus 310i

programmable WiFi regulator for SR moduls