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prod1hugla.jpgThe electric storage heating panels Hugla® are interesting mainly due to their ability to heat up any room quickly, uniformly, and economically. Their efficiency depends on large radiant area surface technology, which efficiently transmits heat into ribs and onto the radiator surface. Considerable savings on energy use is achieved due to the integrated fire-clay plates, being recharged for only about 20 minutes in an hour, distributing the heat for the remaining time. 
Using special developed fireclay cells, the Hugla® heaters can retain warmth for longer than a traditional convector heater. Because of its increased surface area, this can be up to 6 times greater than other models. The Hugla® and Hetta® has now been in production for 13 years.
This heating system is ideal for prepared cheaper energy peak discounts.
Hugla® products fulfil EU directive requirements and they are marked with the CE symbol. They have been tested by well-known certification authorities, gaining relevant approvals, such as TÜV and EZU.

We are looking for abroad professional dealership and representatives.
We can offer high quality product, very flexible approach and exclusive terms.

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